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Lifetime Laser began in Frisco, Tx. in 2003 with a goal to provide high quality, safe and affordable laser hair removal and advanced skin care.  Now in our 15th year in Frisco, Lifetime Laser continues to develop techniques and treatments designed to exceed our clients expectations.

We are located in an intimate boutique setting that optimizes personalized care and attention to detail.  Our family operated company puts Customer Safety and Service at the forefront of everything we do.

Each of our clients recieves a detailed professional consultation with an assessment and course of action specific to their skin and hair type. A typical consult takes about an hour - we find out about your needs and goals, but leave plenty of time to answer all of your questions.

President - Jody Haraldsen CLHRP
Vice President - Loren Haraldsen
Medical Director  - Dr. James E. Race 

Laser Hair Removal
"The people at Lifetime Laser have done everything they promised. They are sensitive to my needs, and are extremely conscientious about laser safety, something I did not experience at the other laser centers I visited. I really like their personal approach and have recommended them to my friends & family." - Sara from Dallas
In keeping with our desire to provide personalized service, sessions at Lifetime Laser are by appointment only. 
Please call us at 972-342-4660 
to schedule a consultation for Laser Hair Removal or Skin Care.
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Jody's journey in laser hair removal began as a client, followed by becoming a part time laser hair removal technician. While working as a tech, she enjoyed seeing how people's lives were changing by the removal of embarassing, unwanted hair and the correction of skin problems. She decided that this was the kind of business she wanted to invest herself in. 

Jody recieved her Laser Certification in 2002 and the following year she completed advanced training at About Face Cosmetic Therapy Training school in Columbus, OH.   It was after training at a California research facility that she began offering Lifetime Guarantee packages, the first in Texas to do so.  She continues ongoing education for laser as well as advanced skin care techniques and products.

Jody performs all of Lifetime Laser's laser hair removal and skin care services.  Jody has 16 years experience in the laser hair removal industry.  She is a Senior Laser Hair Removal Technician and a board certified Laser Hair Removal Professional.  In addition to her training Jody has completed thousands of treatments using the Candela Gentle Lase Plus alexandrite laser.

E. Race, M.D.
 A general practitioner, Dr. Race is concerned with the safety and efficacy of each treatment performed at Lifetime Laser.  Dr. Race has been with Lifetime Laser since 2003.
Laser hair removal Frisco, Dallas, Plano and Mckinney.
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