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Everyone wants to look and feel their best,  
but unwanted body hair can be embarassing and annoying. Removing that hair forever can be life changing. If you are tired of shaving, plucking and waxing, laser hair removal is the answer for you.

Lifetime Laser uses the Candela GentleLase Plus for hair removal procedures. This machine is widely accepted as the safest, quickest and most effective laser on the market. The FDA has approved the GentleLase Plus for permanent hair reduction.

Lifetime Laser offers laser hair removal with permanent results. 
Through our ongoing attainment of advanced training, clients receive the highest level of safety and quality service.  Using the combination of this laser, our experience and unique protocol we confidently offer a Lifetime Guarantee on laser hair removal.
There are many factors that can affect the number of treatments people need for complete hair removal. Skin color, hair color, hair texture and thickness, hormones and medications may all contribute to the number of treatments needed.

Typically, 6 treatments are needed to remove 
hair while in it's growth stage. One important note is that nearly all people require touch-ups to the treated area. The hair growth that you see will be minimal after your series of treatments.
For our clients' convenience, Lifetime Laser offers individual treatment pricing
in addition to our Lifetime Guarantee packages.
C   E   R   T   I   F   I   E   D
"Lifetime Laser's professionalism in treatments, thorough understanding and explanation of laser procedures, and upfront pricing with no hidden fees have caused me to have a completely positive experience - 
and my legs look great."  - Nelly from Plano
Many people describe the feeling as a slight burning sensation or a warm rubber band snap. The GentleLase Plus offers significant advantages over other laser hair removal machines. Employing the patented Dynamic Cooling Device, the GentleLase Plus sprays cryogen gas milliseconds before the laser pulses; this gas cools the skin and provides greater comfort to the treated area.

For clients with extra sensitive skin, Lifetime Laser makes a numbing gel available.
Lifetime Laser is the only laser center in Texas to offer a TRUE laser hair removal Lifetime Guarantee. 
No fine print - if your hair and skin type qualify you for laser treatment, our guarantee stands.  

After your initially scheduled treatments, if hair grows back in treated areas we will continue treatments until the hair is gone. You will not be charged extra for this guarantee, OR for "touch-ups".  We confidently offer this tremendous guarantee because of our experience, protocol
and quality equipment.  For more info on our Lifetime Guarantee check out our Blog post on our guarantee.  
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In keeping with our desire to provide personalized service, sessions at Lifetime Laser are by appointment only. 
Please call us at 972-342-4660 
to schedule a consultation for Laser Hair Removal or Skin Care.
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